What is a cc-TDI Pico-Course?

A Pico-Course is a series of immersive discussions focused on identifying opportunities to advance childhood cancer treatments for diseases with the greatest need. It is designed for families, patients and community members who wish to become active, involved and informed drivers of childhood cancer research. The event brings families and world-renowned multidisciplinary experts together to learn, share priorities and build a roadmap to a cure. The primary goal is for families and patients to become empowered citizen scientists to help accelerate and drive change and innovation in research to improve outcomes for children with cancer. (Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, cc-TDI held an annual Nanocourse at the lab)

Who is cc-TDI?

The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) is a non-profit, freestanding research organization focused on advancing treatment options for the most urgent issues facing children with cancer. Being within an independent entity enables the cc-TDI team of biologists and bio-medical engineers to achieve results with cost control, speed and laser focus. By substantiating targets on cancer cells and determining how to safely deliver effective treatments cc-TDI identifies hope-filled discoveries to be prioritized in clinical trials for children.

Where is cc-TDI?

The cc-TDI laboratory is located in beautiful Oregon between the Silicon Forest in Beaverton and the Portland-area medical center. The industrial-modern wet lab facility is only a 2 minute stroll from Beaverton Central light rail station. As a former 70-year old paint factory remodelled by Nike to be an an off-site creative space, cc-TDI is in the ideal setting to spark INNOVATION!



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Somebody Amazing

Charles is a passionate researcher who has authored more than 100 scientific publications. He is a recognized expert in the biology of childhood sarcomas and the preclinical investigation of childhood cancers. As Scientific Director of cc-TDI he works relentlessly on turning his passion for science from a small flame to an out of control fire for himself and those around him to help bring treatment options to the clinic for children who currently have none.


Dr Charles Keller


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Somebody Else Amazing

charles keller
scientific director


andy woods
Senior Research Associate


Aman Wadhwa
Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Fellow

ganapati srinivasa

Omics Data Automation




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